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Modernist cooking may encompass a huge amount of information but I focus on creating Amazing Food Made Easy. I've put together several resources the budding modernist or sous vide cook can use to jump start their cooking. Just find the content below you are interested in and you will be creating amazing food in no time that will wow your friends and family.

If you're an experienced modernist cook, my articles will help you expand your knowledge base and discover even more ways you can make amazing food.

If you are a brand or blogger, here's how to work with Amazing Food Made Easy to get some more exposure.

My Modernist Cookbooks for Amazing Food

I have published several books on modernist cooking to help you make amazing food. They cover everything from the whipping siphon and infusions to general modernist cooking techniques. I also have several books on sous vide cooking, including an Amazon best seller.

Latest Articles and Recipes

Sous Vide Turkey Curry with Cauliflower Pilaf Recipe

Sous vide turkey green curry close I love a rich, flavorful curry served over rice, but to lighten it up I'll often use a cauliflower pilaf instead of white rice. The pilaf helps soak up the curry while cooking the turkey first with sous vide ensures that it comes out perfect every time. This sous vide turkey curry recipe is the perfect meal for a healthy but hearty dinner!

Smoked Manhattan Recipe

Smoked manhattan released The Manhattan is one of my go-to cocktails and I love to try variations of it. Smoking a Manhattan brings out a lot of the smoky notes from the rye and I love the presentation of it. There are lots of ways to smoke a cocktail, but for this recipe I smoke the already made cocktail using a PolyScience smoking gun.

Smoked Sous Vide Scallop Salad Recipe

Sous vide smoked scallop salad bowl This smoked sous vide scallop recipe is a light and flavorful salad with just a hint of smoke from a smoking gun. It's great as a side dish or appetizer during summer.

Dailey Crafton from Levenaut Beer Company

Dailey crafton pouring beef Dailey Crafton is from Levenaut Beer Company and I heard him speak at Taste Talks Brooklyn on a panel about fermentation. I've done a little home brewing, mainly as the helper for my friend, and I was fascinated by Dailey's approach to brewing. He takes full advantage of wild yeast, which is pretty incredible.

Do You Need to Use an Ice Bath After Sous Vide?

Sous vide turkey thigh bath One confusing aspect is whether you need to use an ice bath after the sous vide process. Here's is an explanation of when and why you need to, and when you do not.

Latest Forum Posts

Circulator or water bath

Hi all, I'm looking to take the plunge (pardon the pun) into sous vide for the first time. I'm torn between two different types of sous vide machine

Sous Vide Supreme Meat Size Limit?

Will the size of a 8 pound roast adequately fit the Sous Vide Supreme 11 liter water oven without affecting performance? What is the upper limit of size/weight that won't fit or not perform? Any Sous...

Food & Wine Sous Vide from HSN

Has anyone purchased the Sous Vide unit from HSN (besides me)? Retired & on fixed income so I had to go the cheapest route. Cost $99.00 @ $25.00 monthly payment. ...

Xanthan gum whitening

I made a jus gras according to the recipe in Modernist Cuisine at Home. This calls for initial thickening of stock by adding xanthan gum to the liquid while processing with an immersion blender. In te...

Calories and nutrients counters

Greetings fellow foodies :) Since I've been recently start dieting, my meals are pretty boring. I would like to know if anyone here is or was on a keto diet or carb cycling and how did you count your n...

Calories and nutrients counters

Greetings fellow foodies :) Since I've been recently start dieting, my meals are pretty boring. I would like to know if anyone here is or was on a keto diet or carb cycling and how did you count your n...

Ultratex 3- 8

Which ultratex is best for making an instant pudding mix using almond milk? ...

Uktratex tuile

I'm trying to make an apple juice tuile using ultratex. I've made a good consistency fluid gel using apple juice and 5% ultratex. I've tried dehydrating this at. Range of temperature between 50 and 60 ...

White Chocolate Clouds

I tried the recipe- taste is great, but the texture was more like a light whipped cream than a froth/foam as it appears in the photo. Any ideas on how to get that lovely texture?...

Much water coming out from pork

Hello, I'm new to sous vide and need your help. I bought pork at Costco, sous vided it in a ziploc bag, after 30 minutes I found that there was almost a cup of water inside the bag. I checked the bag,...

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In modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy there are several techniques that are commonly used. We go into them here and show you how to use them to make modernist cooking easy for you.

Photo Gallery from Modernist Cooking Made Easy

Here are full color copies of all the images from our Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Getting Started book. They should give you a good idea of what we cover in the book.

Modernist Ingredients

There are many modernist ingredients and we will try to cover how many of them work.

Modernist Equipment

Modernist cooking can use a wide variety of equipment and tools. Many of them have very specific uses and are only used for advanced techniques. We want to focus on the more accessible equipment, most of which can be used in traditional cooking as well.

Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Getting Started

We have put together a 240 page book that covers many of the modernist techniques and ingredients needed to get started with modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy.

Learn all about spherification, gelling, emulsions, sous vide, and thickening as well as many popular modernist ingredients like agar agar, xanthan gum, sodium alginate, tapioca maltodextrin and more in our easy to understand guide!


Charcuterie might be a very old technique but fully understanding it and the products it can produce can help even the most modern of cooks.
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One of the difficult things about modernist cooking is knowing where to look to find information, tools, and ingredients. My modernist resources section helps show you the most popular modernist books and places to buy ingredients.

Cuts of Beef

There are a lot of different cuts of beef and each one is cooked a different way. Check out our guide to all the various cuts of beef.


Spices are the key to any good cook. I cover many of the most popular herbs and spices so you can know what to expect in your modernist cooking.

Beef Jerky

One of the techniques in modernist cooking is dehydration. Probably the most popular use of dehydration is making jerky of various kinds. I take a deep look at making jerky and what you need to know to do it at home.

Modernist Cooking Holiday Gift Guide

Sometimes it can be hard to find good gifts for the cook in your life. Luckily, with modernist cooking there are several options for great gifts you can give. Here are some of my favorite tools and books.